BIOMASUD quality label

Is the quality label of the solid biofuels for non-industrial purposes that will be used in small-medium boilers, stoves, or bigger installations but with a need of quality guaranties because of its location. 

 Solid biofuels that can achieve the quality label from Biomasud project are domestic biomasses:

  • Wood pellets
  • Wood chips
  • Olive stones
  • Pine nut shells
  • Almond shells
  • Chopped pine cone
  • Hazelnut shells
  • Blends of the cited biomasses (producer must specify the %)

Other biomasses could be accepted if its quality is acceptable as domestic and fulfil the requirements of any cited biomass. The capacity to admit more biomasses is held by Biomasud steering committee.


The essential components of the certification programme are:

  • Quality requirements. Verification that the product fulfils the quality required for obtaining Biomasud quality label. Testing body is in charge of the sampling and analyse. Quality product requirements are described in chapter 5 and tables with product parameters in annex 1.
  • Sustainability criteria. 4 minimum sustainability criteria are established by the label (GHG, EC, quality and traceability). Inspection body will verify the fulfilment of the criteria required. In the case of quality, the inspection body will take and send a sample to a registered testing body who will analyse the product and will revert to the inspection body with the results report Also the inspection body will check that the installations fulfil the basic requirements to obtain and maintain the required quality.
  • Traceability system. One of the main parts of the system is the traceability which helps to warrant the quality and sustainable source of the biomass. Inspection body will verify that the producer / trader fulfils the requirements established by the label and described in chapter 7).


More information can be found on Biomasud WEB site (


Biomasud is a project inside the frame of the program Interreg IV B, financed with funds FEDER.



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