The work scope of the CBE is the biomass for energy purposes, including all available forms, cooperating closely with businesses, other agencies and departments of national and foreign research.

The Biomass Unit’s main activity is to assess the potential biomass energy valorization from several sources as forest biomass, agriculture, solid waste from agro-industrial activities and transforming wood industry, animal waste, municipal waste and specifically species targeted for energy production.

The CBE also has a Laboratory Specialized in Solid Biofuels serving external customers.

It develops its activity in sample preparation, physicochemical characterization and development of R & D works in the field of solid biofuels. More over it provides technical support for industrial processing of raw biomass.

This Laboratory has performed several studies in order to depict the technical biomass characteristics. The studies have been applied to forest and agricultural residues, waste from the agro-industrial activities and wood transforming industry of forest products, and special species of plants dedicated to energy production.