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BIOMASUD –Mechanisms for sustainability and valuation of the solid biomass market in the space of the SUDOE (


The SUDOE (Spain, south of France and Portugal) constitutes a proper biomass market with particular characteristics that him differ from the rest of Europe and where there happens a series of barriers that have prevented its development:  

  • Safety of the supply is not guaranteed.
  • Availability and quality of the information about market behavior is precarial.
  • The particular characteristics of the SUDOE biomass make inefficient the use of more advanced technologies from other parts of Europe, and make difficult the application of regulations that regulate and control the quality and the sustainability of the energy model.

At European level, measures are taken to confront these problems. Nevertheless, these have been influenced by more developed markets of the center - north of Europe, and do not take into consideration the peculiarities of biomass from SUDOE. Also, they do not manage to include the whole productive process of the biofuel because they consider only the final product. To answer to this problems, BIOMASUD will design and introduce mechanisms of support that they help to the development of a sustainable market of the solid biomass:  

  • Minimal sustainability requests will be implemented in the whole chain of value of the biofuels.
  • There will be implemented a system that audits and certifies the fulfillment of these requisites.
  • A traceability system will be implemented that allows to manage the resources from a global perspective

Thus BIOMASUD chases the last target to contribute to the sustainability of the energy model based on biomass to the conservation of the natural environment of the space SUDOE, encouraging the efficiency and sustainability in the processes. This way, BIOMASUD will increase the competitiveness of the organizations that act on the market. This will be translated in the creation of employment, economic growth of the regions, energy autonomy for the SUDOE and decrease of the energy cost for the consumers.   The project is financed by the funds FEDER from EU and the whole of the investment during 30 months of execution of the project is 972.704,96 €.




ENERMASS Transnational Cluster for innovation in the biomass valorization into energy (SOE3/P1/F674)



ENERMASS is an effective reply to the lack of an entrepreneurial coordination structure on the theme of biomass energetical valorization (bioenergy chain) at SUDOE level. As a result, it causes an uneven level of waste valorization, a lower industrial consistency (wastes versus nobles products), and a weaker innovation level in the solutions proposed by in field companies. The high level of participation inside ENERMASS of regional / national clusters and technological players encompassing whole valorization into energy will enable to increase very significantly technology transfer related to bioenergies at SUDOE scale and the sustainability and visibility of the cluster structure that will be created.


The cluster will also play a significant role in the economic development of territories as the chain of bioenergy induces employment (in the collection, preprocessing, processing and distribution of energy), competitiveness of enterprises (saving energy, waste-eliminating costly in economic returns) and environmental protection: for this reason, the ENERMASS Cluster will also offer services to local authorities involved in employment, environment, competitiveness and innovation . It will help in particular communities decide to use bioenergy in the services they provide to their residents through facilities that combine technological innovation, job creation and preservation of the environment: public procurement is indeed an important tool for early market development that is still the current stage of bioenergy


"Noble" biomass which must fuel the animal/human chain and the manufactoring industry (construction materials,paper pulp ...) is clearly excluded from the ENERMASS project.


The project aims at creating a transnational structure that is active throughout the SUDOE for the benefit of businesses and technological communities to develop projects combining supply of technology, economical and environmental aspects. the missions of the cluster are:


  • to identify business projects of enterprises groups or communities at a stage where they are not yet sufficiently developed or argued to find the normal channels of funding that support innovation.
  • to effectively give aid to these projects by funding studies (technical, economic, legal, regulatory) that holders are not able to fund inly by themselves due to the level of risk in projects upstream phase.
  • to implement (regulatory, legal, technical) watch and lobbying for the benefit of its members and of the Enermass cluster partners
  • to support the building of consortium agreements between firms for technological developments, sharing of know-how and intellectual property rights.
  • to implement quality labels to the provision of service to bioenergy players (education, consulting, training) 




The project is financed by the funds FEDER from EU and will run during the period from September 2012 until December 2014.