Biomass Unit


The Biomass Unit’s main activity is the promotion of energy diversification, namely through the use of residual forest biomass (BFR). This Unit has developed several studies and projects which have brought about a wealth of technical knowledge, some highlighted strong points of the national and European cooperation, which are:

  • Feasibility study and attendance of the operation of the Forest Waste Power Plant of Mortágua, pioneer in the sector in Portugal;
  • Coordination of the Working Group of the Biomass Fórum "Renewable Energy in Portugal" whose aim was to study and present results for the most important topics related to biomass, such as energy resource, final and potential use;
  • Participation in the Working Group on Biomass, biomass GT, coordinated by DGEG and whose objective was the preparation of the specifications for the new forest biomass power plants;
  • Development of several feasibility studies of Forest Resource Sustainability for allocation of capacity to inject power from the electrical system to the network of public service and associated reception point for electricity produced in forest biomass power stations;
  • Participation in national projects and integrated in European programs that allowed the acquisition of valuable “know-how” in the evaluation of resources and of the assessment, collection and processing operations associated to forest biomass, and originating in the wood transforming industry.

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